Jessikah is a life-long dancer, and has studied raks sharki, ballet, hula, jazz and tap.  Dance is a big part of her life, from costuming, sewing, choreography, improvisation and staging.  Jessikah loves teaching and has studied with many amazing belly dance professionals.  It is her goal to make dancing fun, social and great exercise with a sense of community.  Jessikah breaks down the moves for beginners, and also works on technique and drills for intermediate dancers, building on these skills to make everyone comfortable and to have an enjoyable time.  She teaches through American Cabaret/Fusion choreography so that it is easier to remember moves and how they can blend together into a dance, which can be shared with friends and family.

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Join us for Shimmy Mob this year, Saturday, May 11!  We are part of the Riverside Team!  Registration is open now, anyone can sign up to dance for a good cause.  Click here for more info

Jessikah's Bio

Jessikah has studied Egyptian and American cabaret, fusion, and American Tribal Style┬« of bellydance with prominent Los Angeles teachers, combining her studies from these great teachers with her own style and background in theatre and dance.  She has performed at local restaurants, bellydance festivals, the Los Angeles County Fair, community events, and private parties in the Los Angeles area.

Jessikah teaches belly dance classes in West Covina and La Verne. Jessikah combines her knowledge of stage, drama, fluid movement, grace and beauty in the art of her bellydance.  She began teaching belly dance in the summer of 2014.  Her classes currently are in West Covina, CA, Saturdays at 10am (sign up through the City of West Covina Recreation classes), and Tuesday nights at 8:00pm in La Verne, CA at Mik Nao Dance Studio.  Private lessons are also available at either location.

Jessikah also performs as a soloist at many local events, and is the Artistic Director/Choreographer of her troupe, Jessikah and Johara Sirens.   She is also Co-Director and Co-Choreographer of The Desert Dragons belly dance troupe from Mik Nao Dance Studio with Ms. Ellie.  Jessikah has danced with DeVilla's Fortuna Dance Company, and Sekhmet Dance Company/Sekhmet's Garden (Dance Garden LA), as well as the troupes Raqs Euphoria and the Jewels of the Dance.  Jessikah is listed as a teacher in the San Gabriel Valley and Claremont - San Dimas - La Verne (bordering Inland Empire area) on LA Raqs. She also produces shows and haflas.

For information on Shimmy Mob (a yearly charity flash mob belly dance event, raising awareness and supporting victims of domestic violence), visit www.ShimmyMob.com

Cairo ShimmyQuakePhoto and Class Recital photos by Alex Houston; Shimmy Mob Riverside Team pic by Elena M.