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Blog Entry 1 - Staging Space (photo from Raqs LA)- Learning to move in a group

Blog Entry 2 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Using mirrors in practice to improve dancing

Blog Entry 3 - Performing Tips for Beginners - Performing for the first time

Blog Entry 4 - Costume Reconstruction for Troupe - Transformation of a dress

Blog Entry 5 - Repurposing a Costume - Giving new life to old costumes

Blog Entry 6 - Mermaid-themed Belly Dance Costumes

Blog Entry 7 - Skeleton-themed Belly Dance Costumes

Blog Entry - Sparkly Belly Appliqu├ęs

Blog Entry - Sewcial with Troupe Friends - Learning to Sew Costumes

Blog Entry - Transforming a Sari into a Workable Costume - Fixing a Costume for Stage

Blog Entry - Themed Belly Dance Costumes - Specific dance showthemes / characters / interpreted for belly dance

Blog Entry - Living in a Virtual World - teaching online