The Desert Dragons are a student belly dance fusion troupe, based out of La Verne, CA at Mik Nao Dance Studio, troupe Direction by Jessikah and Ms. Ellie.  Classes are TUESDAY nights, Jessikah's Choreography for Performance is at 8:00pm, following Ms. Ellie's Drills & Technique. View the Desert Dragons/Mik Nao Dance Studio Reel here. The Desert Dragons embrace diversity and theatricality in their performances.  Follow Jessikah's troupes on Facebook here.  Link to Mik Nao Dance Studio here Mik Nao is on Facebook and Instagram
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Desert Dragons Events:

Upcoming Dragons Events:  

Big Top Hafla, Tribal Beats Studio, Upland, April 13, 2019, 5:30pm, Facebook event

Mik Nao Dance Studio Spring Recital, June 8, 2019, 2-4pmSeaver Theatre, Claremont, with Mik Nao Dance Studio

Divas Hafla, Tribal Beats Studio, Upland, June 15, 2019, 5:30pm

a Sampling of Past Desert Dragons Events:

--L.A. County Fair with Mik Nao Dance Studio Video 1 and Video 2

--Winter Cairo Shimmy Belly Dance Festival presented by Diamond Pyramid Video

--Anaheed's Perfumes of Araby Belly Dance Swap Meet

--1970's Hafla February 2019

--Pirates Hafla, July 2018

--Mik Nao Dance Studio Recitals - Video 2018;  Mik Nao "Celebration of Life" video 2016

--"Boy Band" Hafla - Video

--Haflaween (annual event) -  Video

--"Around the World 2017" showcase Polynesian-Belly Fusion, Video

--"Raq to the Future," a Steampunk & Sci-Fi show; "Crazy Hat Hafla" - Dragon dance/fusion performance

--Relay for Life "Raks for Paws" charity event in Garden Grove

Photo Credits:  Mik Nao Recital photos, Crazy Hat Hafla, World Hafla, Boy Band Hafla, Villains Haflaween & Pirates by Bloom Portraiture; Ms. Ellie & Jessikah pic by Alex Houston; Anaheed's Swap Meet photo by Laurie Hall;"Celebration of Life" Recital, Winter Cairo Shimmy, LA Fair, Night Lights and Skeleton Dance photos by Alex Houston (retouching on Skeleton Dance by Andrija); Desert Dragon logo by Jessikah