Jessikah & Johara Sirens Troupe

Johara ("Jewel") Sirens (mythical mermaids) are a troupe comprised of Jessikah's West Covina belly dance students.  Jessikah is the artistic director and choreographer for Jessikah & Johara Sirens.  Sign up for Jessikah's dance classes, and you may perform with her at selected events throughout the year. Jessikah is teaching online. If you want to take classes from Jessikah, join her Patreon here, starting at $5/month. Follow Jessikah's troupes, including Jessikah &Johara Sirens on Facebook

When the pandemic subsides, classes in West Covina will resume. This class meets on Saturdays at 10am at Cameron Community Center, West Covina.  Right now Cameron Park is closed due to the pandemic.

View Jessikah's Troupes Video Demo Reel here


a Sampling of Past Troupe Performances:

Pirates Hafla - Mermaid Sirens

Fantasy Hafla - "Gotham Sirens"

Cairo ShimmyQuake Belly Dance Festival - Video

OC World Dance Showcase 

Anaheed's Perfumes of Araby Belly Dance Swap Meet - Video

Tales of the Seven Veils show "End of Summer Hafla/Westside Bazaar," Ramada Inn produced by Shirin

Feyrouz Nikkal's Dinner Showcase, India's Clay Oven Restaurant

Jessikah Bellydance Showcase & Hafla,  Jessikah produces several showcases throughout the year, for her students to perform solos and group numbers.

Asian American Expo 2017   Video 1 - opening  Video 2   

LA County Fair - Jessikah and Johara Sirens joined Thea & Raqs Euphoria at the LA County Fair

West Covina 5K Pumpkin Run and Health/Fitness Expo 

Sign up for Jessikah's Belly Dance class here and join in the fun!  West Covina Community Recreation Guide

Photo Credits:  Anaheed's Swap Meet & Signature Banquet Hall - photos by Laurie Hall; LA County Fair - by Kristy Jay Photography; Asian American Expo at LA Fairgrounds & Pirates Hafla - Bloom Portraiture; Cairo Shimmy Quake, OC World Showcase, photos by Alex Houston